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20 January 2009

Pharmacy ICMR Scientist/Project Vacancies (13)

ICMR Scientist/Project Vacancies:

Ansari Nagar
New Delhi-110029.


Project “Review Monographs on Indian Medicinal Plants

1. Research Scientist II (Two) @ Rs. 19,700/ - pm (fixed)+HRA

Qualification Ph.D. in Chemistry/Botany/Pharmacy; 3 years experience in handling work relating to natural products/ medicinal plants

Desirable (i) Experience in scientific writing, preparation of monographs etc. (ii) Working on databases (iii) Working knowledge of computers

Job Requirement To assist in evaluation, scrutiny, finalization of monographs and co-ordination of the programme and other related activities.

2. Research Associates (Four) @ Salary Rs. 17,000/- pm (fixed) + HRA


(Position 1) M.D. in Ayurveda
(Position 2) M.D. / Ph.D. in Pharmacology
(Position 3&4) Ph.D./Chemistry/Botany/Pharmaceutical Sciences


(i) Experience in working on medicinal plants/natural products (ii) Experience in (For all literature search by digital and traditional sources in the field of medicinal Positions) plants (iii) Flair for scientific writing, preparation of reviews, reports, monographs (iv) Working knowledge in computers

Job Requirements
Literature search relating to medicinal plants/products, compilation of information, preparation/scrutiny of reviews/monographs etc. and other related work.

3. Senior Research Fellows (Four) @ Rs. 14,000/- pm (fixed) + HRA


MSc. (Botany/Chemistry/Medicinal Plants/Pharmacology) with 2 years experience -or M. Pharma.


(i) Experience in literature search, retrieval, scientific writing, dissemination of information relating to medicinal plants (ii) Diploma/Degree in computer applications

Job Requirements
Literature search, retrieval and dissemination of information relating to medicinal plants/products, employing digital and traditional sources, compilation of information, preparation of reviews/monographs etc.

4. Scientific Documentation Assistant (One) @ Rs. 10,835/- pm (fixed)


MSc. in Biological sciences/Chemistry with Associateship (INSDOC/ DRTC)/degree in library and Information Sciences.


(i)Diploma/Degree in Computer Application (ii) Experience in scientific
documentation, storage and retrieval of information, archiving of documents.

Job Requirement
Documentation, storage and retrieval of information on medicinal plants; patents etc.

5. Programme Associates (Two) @ Salary Rs. 12,805/ - pm (fixed)


M. Pharma/ MSc. (Chemistry/Botany/Computer Science/IT)/MCA


(i) 2 years experience in scientific work on medicinal plants (ii) Experience in
literature search on online databases (iii) Experience in programming, website

Job Requirement

To assist in work relating to Review Monographs on Indian medicinal plants (The work may involve evaluation, documentation, scrutiny of monographs, preparation of indices/appendices, computerization of data, literature search, programming etc).

General information/instructions
The posts are purely temporary and 31-03-10.

Positions at Sl.No. 1 & 2 28-01-09 Reporting time 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Positions at Sl.No. 3 & 4 29-01-09 Reporting time 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Positions at Sl.No. 5 & 6 30-01-09 Reporting time 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

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